5 Tips When Choosing A Gynae In Singapore


Women in Singapore experience various reproductive health issues. Thankfully, a gynae comes in handy in such conditions. Whether you are pregnant, have period problems, have unusual vaginal bleeding, or want to undergo any surgeries related to female reproductive health, choosing a good gynecologist is important. However, what factors should you consider? Below are 5 beneficial tips for choosing a gynae in Singapore.

Being a woman

Having a gynae means revealing intimate and personal information about your body and life. Therefore, go to a gynae whom you feel you will be comfortable to share these details with. Notably, if you are uncomfortable with the gynae, do not hesitate to look for another gynae.


Your health is important and this means you choose a gynae with a good reputation. You can begin by checking your doctor’s credentials. These range from educational degrees, the type of experience the doctor has as well and what he/she specialises in as well as the hospitals and clinics she has been with. Notably, the number of years the doctor has been in service can help you determine whether or not to have him/her as your gynae.

Consider Referrals

One of the best ways of choosing a gynae is to get recommendations from other people. therefore, talk to your personal doctor, friends, family, colleagues, or their partners to get their suggestions on the best gynae to trust with your health.

The good news is these people can be a good resource, giving you a list of those to consider. With such, you can do individual research on each one of them as you narrow down to the best one depending on their experience and credentials.

As you talk to the doctor, be keen to examine his/her response. How is the communication? Can the two of you talk comfortably? Does the gynae show keen interest in you and your health? The beauty of going for referrals is that people will recommend those who handled their conditions and health issues well, respected their decisions, and considered their treatment preferences among others.

Go For a Convenient and Quality Location

Does your gynae have a clinic or does he/she affiliate with a hospital? Where is it located? Remember, you will be making several trips to your doctor. Therefore, means that you should pick a suitable location for you. It should be convenient and easily accessible from your place of residence. Consider the fare ad the time you will spend to get to the hospital or clinic.

Your reproductive health matters a lot. Thus, always consider top-notch health care. This implies that the location you choose should offer high-quality care to the patients. Does the location have enough facilities? The advantage of going to a quality clinic or hospital is that you have fewer risks of complications.

Check Patient Reviews

If you are unsure about a gynae’s experience in the medical field, patient reviews can help. What do other patients have to say about the doctor? Is the doctor friendly? Does he keep time and honor your appointments? Is the office environment conducive? Do the patients trust the doctor? How long does the doctor take with the patients? How does the doctor answer questions and respond to patients’ concerns? What are the fees? Is the hospital or clinic the gynae practices covered with your insurance? You can get the answers to these questions by going through the patient’s reviews.


Women in Singapore can get the best reproductive healthcare from experienced and qualified gynecologists. Unfortunately, you may not know who to look out for. In such a case, the above tips can come in handy to ensure you make the right choice.

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