Know more about antenatal care during your pregnancy

What Is Antenatal Care?

You have confirmed the news, “You’re pregnant.” You may be having a roller-coaster of emotions. However, amidst all these, it is important you see a doctor for your antenatal care. Any pregnant woman in Singapore should undergo this. What exactly does it involve?

What Is Antenatal Care?

Antenatal care also referred to as prenatal care, is preventive healthcare provided during pregnancy to keep the health of the mother and child in check. It comes in form of checkups, tests, healthy lifestyle management recommendations, medical information on maternal physiological changes, and prenatal nutrition among others.

Antenatal care can be provided whether you plan to give birth at a public or private hospital or plan on having a home birth. You will have discussions and get assistance from doctors and midwives during the appointments.

So, what is the importance of antenatal care?

Why is Antenatal Care Important?

When pregnant, yourhealthcare team ensure both you and the baby stay healthy. Antenatal care allows them to monitor the health of both the mother and the baby. This way, they can detect any potential abnormalities and address them.

Moreover, antenatal care is important because the midwife or doctor will give you helpful information and advice on healthy eating and exercise for a healthy pregnancy.

Another reason why you should consider antenatal care is that it offers an opportunity for you to be inquisitive about your pregnancy. Do you have any burning questions regarding your trimesters, symptoms, and so on? Join an antenatal class for support, guidance, and health advice. Your doctor will be more than willing to answer during these appointments. Be open to these discussions, and be free to ask any questions you may be having.

Remember, antenatal care differs from one pregnant woman to the other. This is because each has varying health conditions, is exposed to different risks, and may be having different problems. Besides, the stage of pregnancy also determines the type of care you receive.

How Many Appointments Will I Have?

For a first-time pregnancy with no complications, the appointments till delivery are between 10 to 12 visits. You will get the exact plan from your doctor after your very first antenatal visit.

On the other hand, for non-first timers, the previous pregnancy can help determine the number of antenatal appointments you will have. If the prior pregnancy had no problems, the number of appointments may be reduced to 8 to 10visits.

However, this number of visits is not constant. You may experience complications during the pregnancy, and this may prompt your doctor to increase the number of appointments. What’s more, if you have an issue of concern, you can arrange it with your doctor for an appointment.

The good news is that you can bring along your partner, family member, or friend during these visits. Also, antenatal care helps educate expectant fathers on areas they can assist and how they can do so.

Get the Right Antenatal Care Provider

There is so much involved in antenatal care. You can receive the benefits, both physical and psychological, with the right provider by your side. A good antenatal care provider will ensure you have regular screening to detect and prevent any potential complications.

What’s more, the right prenatal classes are essential. Here, you have friendly support and are taught how best to deal with the pregnancy and your child’s development, what to expect during childbirth and how best to care for your child after birth.


As a pregnant woman, antenatal care is here to help you during your pregnancy. You get medical information regarding physiological changes in the child and mother, nutrition advice and how best to keep yourself and the baby healthy. Besides, your doctor can take you through the birthing options and newborn care.

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